JJ Redick Explains The Biggest Problem For The Lob City Clippers: "There Was A Sense Of Pettiness."

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Credit: Getty Images 

Credit: Getty Images 

JJ Redick was part of the 'Lob City' Los Angeles Clippers that enchanted fans with their spectacular plays on a nightly basis. Electrifying as they were, they could never win the NBA championship, and things ended up the worst way for that team. 

Talking with Andre Iguodala on “The Old Man and the Three," Redick explained why the Clippers could never win it all even when they had excellent teams. The 2015 NBA Finals MVP revealed the key for a team to win championships, something that the Clippers lacked, according to Redick. 

“The really great teams, everyone was happy for everyone else’s success,” he said.

Redick took the chance to remind people that his Clippers didn't have that, and they were petty during his last days at Staples Center. 

“I’ve said this a million times,” Redick said, via Mason Bissada of Sports Illustrated. “Later on in my Clippers run, there was a sense of pettiness, and we weren’t necessarily happy for each other’s success. And I think that happens.”

“In order to be excited for someone else’s success, you have to be willing to sacrifice something,” Redick would go on to say. 

That team played some great basketball when they felt themselves, but they were volatile, too. Rifts between their best players hurt their chances to accomplish something in Los Angeles, failing to compete for the title. 

It's been a couple of years since that, and people still remember how exciting they were to watch. However, spectacular plays don't win championships.