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Joe Lacob Wants Stephen Curry To Match LeBron James In Championships: "I Really Want To See Steph Get Into That Pantheon, At Least Equal To Him."

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Stephen Curry and LeBron James

Stephen Curry and LeBron James are currently both superstars who have remained at the top throughout the years. During the 2010s, the duo was viewed as having one of the best sports rivalries at the time. Both are widely accepted as all-time legends in the sport of basketball.

The last 10 Finals prior to 2021 featured either LeBron James and Stephen Curry, and the duo have faced off against one another countless times at the highest stage. They have both won multiple championships as well, with LeBron James winning 4 and Stephen Curry winning 3.

Warriors governor Joe Lacob has recently stated that he'd like to see Stephen Curry equal LeBron James in the number of championships he wins. The Golden State Warriors are currently 9-1, and it is possible that Stephen Curry could get his fourth championship this year.

How many championships does LeBron have? [4] Steph has? [3] I really wanna see Steph get into that pantheon, at least equal to him. Nothing against him..."

It would certainly be interesting to see if Stephen Curry can get his fourth championship this year. Klay Thompson will be returning after a lengthy injury layoff, and there's little doubt that the Warriors will be contenders with him. They also have solid depth. The conditions are there for Stephen Curry to lead his team on a championship run.

While the Warriors may have benefited from an easier schedule to start the season, we've also seen them win close games that they wouldn't win last year during their 9-1 start. They have been a consistently good defensive team, and Stephen Curry definitely has better fitting pieces around him as compared to the 2020-21 season. It remains to be seen if they keep this up, but with Stephen Curry leading them and players coming back from injury, they should be able to have a good season.