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John Wall Has 'Looked Sharp' In Offseason Workouts, Is Ready For Comeback Season With Clippers

John Wall

After years of obscurity, 5x All-Star John Wall is ready to prove that he's still one of the best in the world. In a recent piece on his substack, NBA insider Marc Stein confirmed that Wall is prepping for a major performance this season.

He has been in the gym, working out and training to help the Clippers succeed.

(via Marc Stein):

Speaking of Wall: I'm told by a spy or two who has seen him working out in Miami that the former All-Star guard, who sat out all of last season until the Rockets finally came to terms with him a buyout in July, has looked sharp in offseason workouts and appears poised to be a contributor for the Clippers.

John Wall was one of the best point guards in the league before a series of injuries compromised his game and stole two seasons of his prime. Nobody thought he'd ever be the same player again, and his short stint in Houston strengthened that possibility in the minds of many.

But now Wall is on a new team and not only has the chance to win big but also has the chance to play a significant role in the starting lineup.

"You'll see, everybody gonna see," said Wall on the upcoming season. "I know a lot of people talk like, 'Oh, he's talking like this and talking like that,' but I know how much work I put into myself and what I've been through in the last three years, I feel like a lot of people would have folded. I just feel like I just stay true to myself and have great group of people around me that kept me motivated."

This isn't D.C. anymore. While Wall is in the good graces of Clippers fans, it won't last long if he doesn't step up and rise to expectations. Los Angeles is an unforgiving place already, especially when it comes to sports.

Fortunately, the veteran point guard seems to be embracing the grind. If he really is working as hard as we're being told, we shouldn't be surprised to see Wall make a major leap in his game.

Until then, though, we can only guess and speculate what he will look like on the Clippers.