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JR Smith Calls Out House Of Highlights For Posting Trolling TikTok: "He Probably Off The Henny Right Now"

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

J.R. Smith has often been mocked and called out. His antics on the court and seemingly careless attitude, plus his past as a party-lover in New York stigmatized him in the eye of the fans and the media.

The truth is that Smith is a person just like all of us, and he doesn't seem to be a fan of the way people constantly joke about him and the Henny.

Smith even said in the past that he had never tasted Henny and that he didn't understand where all the jokes came from. Now, it seems like he's had enough.

Someone posted a TikTok of J.R. Smith attending college, adding "He probably off the Henny right now." Then, House of Highlights shared the clip and the former NBA Champion called them out on the comments:

"Ight that Henny sh-t really not funny tho can y'all try a different joke! Not really mad at the kid honestly they gone say whatever but @houseofhighlights the disrespect y'all put is truly enough. As a black man in America you still can't move on from the bullsh-t that people continue to put on your name! Not one positive post about going to school an trying to better myself! Y'all make it look so weak/corney to inspire my people to want to do better you consistently bring up an post bullsh-t," Smith commented on the now-deleted post.


J.R. Smith is completely right. He's trying to be a better person, get an education, and inspire others to follow his steps, but all people talk about is the Henny.

The truth is that we should be praising him for making that decision and lift him up rather than perpetuate the stigma. You've been a bit of a troublemaker in the past, J.R, but you deserve plenty of credit now.