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Kendrick Perkins Has A Wild Theory About Kevin Durant's Trade Request: "I Think Kevin Durant Is Doing This As A Scare Tactic In Order To Help Kyrie Irving Have Leverage.”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Several days after making his trade request to Nets owner Joe Tsai, neither Kevin Durant nor his co-star Kyrie Irving have been moved, and it could be a while before they get moved.

With the market for Irving practically nonexistent, and the price of Durant's services being at an all-time high, it is starting to dawn on some that this saga could extend for weeks or even months before we see a resolution.

On 'NBA Today' on Tuesday, ESPN basketball analyst Kendrick Perkins dropped his theory on the situation in Brooklyn and why this whole ordeal with Durant might actually be a huge trick to help Kyrie Irving.

"Why would KD want out? Why would Kyrie go searching and see if a team will do a sign and trade and then all of a sudden he opts into his contract? And then, all of a sudden, when Irving opts into his contract, then Kevin Durant comes out and says 'I want to be traded.' I've come to the conclusion that I don't believe Kevin Durant. I don't believe it at all. It makes zero sense to me that he wants to be traded at this point. I don't believe he believes it. I think Kevin Durant is doing this as a scare tactic to help Kyrie Irving have leverage to get him sign long-term with the Brooklyn Nets."

While there is no definitive proof of Durant's motives, it is strange that he put in his trade request hours after Kyrie opted into his deal. And now that both players are on the block, there are practically no deals on the table that the Nets are ready to accept.

Who says KD isn't actually looking out for his best friend here? Who says he's not trying to push the Nets to make a commitment to Kyrie?

Whatever the case, all may not be as it seems for Kevin Durant and the Nets, and it will be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out.