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Kevin Durant Denies Talking to James Harden About Joining Nets

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

The NBA pre-season is now less than two weeks away and both James Harden and Russell Westbrook remain on the Houston Rockets. Last month, multiple reports revealed their desire for a transfer, and it appeared as if the Rockets were on the verge of total collapse.

And yet, for all the noise, things have gotten eerily quiet.

Reports of Westbrook's market value hasn't been good for Houston, who is clearly trying to avoid giving him away for "cheap." No deal seems imminent with James Harden either, and even Brooklyn's Kevin Durant has distanced himself, denying the rumors he has talked with his former teammate about the possibility of teaming up in Brooklyn.

"Anybody can make up a story that gets traction," he told reporters. "I was focused on rehab."

Harde's interest in the Nets was a huge story, with several sources saying he was determined to get Houston to trade him there. His interest in teaming up with KD and Kyrie may certainly be true, but Durant isn't going to pretend he has any role in it, and Brooklyn doesn't seem set on getting him, either (considering a trade has yet to happen).

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks with Harden, Russ, and the Rockets. But it's looking more and more like the star duo will be going at least one more season repping H-Town.