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Kevin Garnett Thanks Fans During Hall Of Fame Speech: "Thank You To All The Fans... It Is Because Of The Fans That Athletes Are Immortalized."

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(via Dunking with Wolves)

(via Dunking with Wolves)

Kevin Garnett was one of the most passionate players in the game, and you simply cannot question his desire to win. Kevin Garnett was an incredible competitor, and everyone knew that when you played him that you had to be at your best. Kevin Garnett won the 2003-04 MVP and was a 15-time All-Star during his time in the NBA. 

Along with Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett is a prominent player who is part of this Hall of Fame class. His success on the individual and team level deserves to be recognized, and there are few players that are as distinguished as he is. Kevin Garnett gave everything to the game. During his Hall of Fame speech, Kevin Garnett took a moment to thank the fans, even the ones that booed him on the court. Garnett stated that it is due to the fans, that athletes get to live on forever.

There is no doubt that Kevin Garnett will go into the Hall of Fame as a legend of two franchises, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Boston Celtics. Garnett's prime years were spent with the Minnesota Timberwolves, while the Boston Celtics were where he won his championship in 2008. His memory will forever be preserved by those who watched him play, and they all know that just how great of a presence he was on the basketball court. 

There are few that loved the game of basketball as much as Kevin Garnett did. He fought for his teammates, he took on leadership roles, and eventually, he won at the highest level. Many people will forever be fans of his, and he is one of the most iconic players in the game.