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Kwame Brown Takes Huge Shots At Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, And Gilbert Arenas


Kwame Brown has been making headlines in recent hours, talking about his career, calling out fans and even former colleagues. 

Last week, Gilbert Arenas joined Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on Showtime's "All the Smoke", with the trio talking about Brown and his career. They tried to explain what went wrong with the player, claiming that Michael Jordan's criticism played a big role in his decline. 

“He could have been and this is why. Imagine being an 18-year-old kid being drafted number one by your idol and your idol is Michael Jordan. We know Michael Jordan. We know Michael Jordan’s mentality and imagine that personality going as an 18-year-old kid. Just bullying him and you have to remember, he is around his peers. You are not his peer these are his peer. So, when are looking less to his peers, he loses his confidence,” said Arenas.

“So, when I get there, he doesn’t have confidence. So, it’s trying to build this Manchild up, and what I mean by Manchild a big country human. Physically, I call him the show pony. He is a show horse. He probably couldn’t race, but looks good, though. You would see flashes of he is gone in games, but you would also see flashes of trauma. Who, he could have been like Anthony Davis style. You are talking about a seventh-foot guy, that probably was the second fast on our team. Straight 100, he was gone, small hands, so he was more guard-like. So, he decided to take off the ball is still there, but it was more trauma.”

Brown heard what the three former players had to say about him and didn't like it. So, as usual, he started a live broadcast to talk about this and went on a 1+ hour rant about Barnes, Jackson and Arenas. 

He said that they need to get that energy they use on criticizing other people and channel it to help others, especially the black communities (1:14:20). 

"I think you guys need to focus and channel that energy into some more real problems. Like the way we are as black males and the way that he look. Stephen Jackson maybe you can put that motherf***ing blunt out and pull your pants up on your a** and put that rag down and act like a grown ass man instead of a little a** boy.

"Becky with the good hair, go to counseling and Gilbert you already knew, I was quiet on you for years and I wasn’t going to say nothing…you took food, what did I get 3 years/85 mil for the Lakers, I was supposed to get 88… N***** you took millions out my mouth, and you shout like you love black folks, you’re the whitest black boy I’ve ever known."

Brown still did pretty good, considering he didn't have the career people expected him to have. Alex Kennedy revealed that the former Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers made $64,227,908 from his NBA contracts. That would be $81,462,158 when adjusted for inflation. 

He did pretty well; he is happy to help his family and those close to him. Kwame is thankful to be part of Kobe Bryant's big 81-point night and even claimed he helped him get there

You can love him or hate him, but this man isn't backing down to anybody. On the contrary, he's ready to defend his opinion and his name against whoever tries to put him down.