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Kyle Kuzma Lauds Andrew Wiggins For Playoff Performances: "Wigs Been Real Good All Playoffs"

Kyle Kuzma Lauds Andrew Wiggins For Playoff Performances: "Wigs Been Real Good All Playoffs"

Kyle Kuzma has started actively tweeting about everything he sees in the world of basketball. With the playoffs underway and his Washington Wizards being eliminated in the regular season, Kuzma has been watching all games quite closely and sharing his thoughts on the same on his Twitter.

While watching Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies, Kuzma shouted out a player that hasn't had many nice things said about him since the All-Star break. That player is 2022 All-Star starter, Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins doesn't have the eye-popping stats that most top players in the league have and was voted in as an All-Star starter after being endorsed by popular KPop star BamBam. He was never deserving of that spot at the time, but Wiggins has kept his head down and been an impactful player for the Warriors in their system, something Kuzma has noticed.

Wiggins is averaging 15.0 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 1.5 assists so far in the playoffs.  His shooting from the field has been crucial for GSW, as he is a 50% shooter on all FG attempts, and is shooting over 40% on his three-point attempts. He is also a plus defender and arguably the defensive motor of the team outside Draymond Green.

He has fallen victim to a lot of hate for always being hyped up, be it as an All-Star starter this year or going back to him being the #1 overall pick in the Draft. But when you look at Wiggins and how he plays within the GSW system, he is the perfect two-way forward for how the team is constructed. 

If the Warriors make a deep playoff run, Wiggins will be crucial for them to be their primary wing defender and will be required to make all the open threes he gets. If he can do just that much, the Warriors will look extremely dangerous.