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Kyrie Irving Looked Frustrated With James Harden As They Both Walked Off The Court Early

Kyrie Irving Looked Frustrated With James Harden After He Walked Off The Court Before The Game Was Over

The Brooklyn Nets have been struggling since they lost Kevin Durant to injury. Since losing the former NBA champion, the Nets have not been able to put together a solid run. The Nets have actually lost their last 6 games, and their last loss shows some signs of issues between their star teammates.

The Nets lost to the Sacramento Kings, but what happened in the closing seconds of the game has a lot of fans talking. James Harden walked off the court before the game was over, and Kyrie Irving looked quite frustrated with his fellow superstar teammate leaving the court before the game was over.

Harden had a very poor game, scoring only 4 points on 2-11 shooting, and missed all of his attempted three-pointers. As for Irving, he played slightly better, scoring 14 points. But his performance still wasn't good enough for the Nets to defeat a pretty inconsistent Sacramento Kings side.

This frustration from their superstars, coupled with their poor performance, is not a good sign for the Nets. Without Kevin Durant, Harden and Irving will be relied upon to carry the team and make sure that they get wins as they look to secure a top playoff seed for the postseason.

Harden put some of the concern about their losing streak to bed, saying that the Nets don't have their entire team available to them. But the dysfunction we got to see from the Nets' superstar backcourt was not at all encouraging, especially given that Harden and Irving will be relied upon, along with Kevin Durant, to step up for the franchise during the playoffs.

Is this just a singular moment of frustration for the Nets' superstars? Fans of Brooklyn will be hopeful that there is no anger between the two, as they will be very important for the franchise as they chase the NBA championship.