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James Harden Isn't Concerned After Nets Lose To Kings And Extend Losing Streak: "We Don't Have Our Entire Team..."

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The Brooklyn Nets have recently lost to the Sacramento Kings and their losing streak has now been 6 games. While it is obviously difficult for the team to play without superstar Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving should in theory be able to get the job done against a struggling Sacramento Kings squad.

Despite the loss, it seems as though the Brooklyn Nets aren't worried. James Harden revealed that "there's no concern", and added that the Brooklyn Nets don't have their "entire team". 

James Harden: "There's no concern. We don't have our entire team, and this is happening to us."

It is true that the Brooklyn Nets are missing some core players due to injury. Joe Harris has been out with an injured ankle, while Kevin Durant has missed the last few of the team's games with a knee injury. There's no doubt that the Nets are a dominant offensive force when fully healthy, and missing two key members definitely hurts them on both ends.

With that being said, the team needs to focus on staying afloat without Kevin Durant at the moment. They have slid down to being the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference. Coach Steve Nash even admitted earlier in the season that the Eastern Conference is the toughest that it has been in years, and winning games will be much tougher this year. The Brooklyn Nets do have talent on the roster though, so it's unlikely they simply fall off.

This season, the Brooklyn Nets have not been able to play as a fully healthy team like they did last season. That has been in part due to injuries to Kevin Durant and Joe Harris, but also due to Kyrie Irving's part-time status. Hopefully, we see the team figure things out going forward, and perhaps we'll even see them get to the NBA Finals this year.