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Steve Nash Claims The Eastern Conference Is Stronger Than It's Been In A Long Time: "Since The 90s, We Haven't Really Seen That."

Shaquille O’Neal Says Milwaukee Bucks Will Be The Biggest Challenge To The Brooklyn Nets In The East: “Don’t Disrespect The Champ”

The Eastern Conference has been viewed as the "weaker conference" for a long time, due to the depth of talent located in the Western Conference. However, that has definitely changed this season.

There have been a lot of good teams in the Eastern Conference this season, and no matchup comes easy. The Chicago Bulls have had a renaissance this year. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets are still contenders. There are also some really talented teams in the middle of the pack, such as the Miami Heat or the Washington Wizards.

Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash has recently claimed that the Eastern Conference is a lot stronger than it has been "for a long time". Nash claimed that every night "seems like a battle". Peter Botte of the New York Post reported the news.

“The simple answer is it’s about as strong as the East has been for a long time,” Nash said Saturday. “There aren’t any ‘gimmes,’ so to speak. The West is terrific and has some great teams at the top, but the East is deep. Every night, it seems like a battle. I think it’s good for the balance of the league and for this kind of depth and parity.

“It feels like since the ’90s, we haven’t seen that, but it’s been exciting to see such a competitive Eastern Conference so far.”

It is good to see some competition in the Eastern Conference. In a lot of years past the Eastern Conference was viewed as weak in part due to the dominance of LeBron James there before he went to the Lakers.

Luckily for Steve Nash, the Brooklyn Nets are doing fine in this Eastern Conference, even with the increased competition. Hopefully, we see their run of success continue, but that certainly won't come easy for them as Nash implies here.