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Kyrie Irving On His Former Teammate LeBron James: ‘I’ve Learned So Much From That Guy’

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James didn't exactly depart on the best of terms. Just a year after winning Cleveland's first-ever NBA Championship, Uncle Drew abruptly demanded a trade that would set the stage for James' departure a year later.

Even still, Irving is willing to admit that he learned a lot form the guy.

“We do have history. I think that the magnitude of our relationship extends way beyond the floor,” Kyrie Irving said about LeBron James, via SNY.

“I’m just appreciative. I’ve learned so much from that guy, and to see what he’s doing at this age and this many years in the league, he’s consistent, and that’s a great player right there.”

This quote comes directly after a matchup between Irving and his former teammate LeBron, who helped his Laker team best the Nets. Although the two are on different paths now, they both had a hand in building each other's legacy.

For Irving, it was with Bron that he first learned how to win, how to lead, and how to maximize his game. In Boston and now, in Brooklyn, Irving is trying to use those new skills to lead his own team. Needless to say, it hasn't been a smooth ride so far.

But, then again, it never really is anyway, is it?