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Kyrie Irving Sends A Big Advice: "Stay Focused On Yourself And Build With A Great Team Full Of Humble People!"

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Kyrie Irving is one of the most polarizing players in the NBA, given all his antics on and off the court. The Brooklyn Nets superstar never leaves anybody indifferent with his actions, getting praised or criticized whenever he does or says something. 

Well, Irving is also one of the coolest guys out there, as he's always trying to help people with actions and advice. Recently, his foundation built an incredible solar water center in Pakistan, making life a lot easier for plenty of people. 

The point guard is always trying to spread positivism on social media (although he recently starred in a controversy with Nike), and that doesn't seem to be changing soon. 

The All-Star player sent a big message on social media, explaining that his life incredibly improved when he stopped paying attention to the rest of the world and started trusting 'genuine people.' The 2016 NBA champion urged fans to remain focused and surround themselves with people that will take them closer to God. 

When I stopped caring what everybody thinks/says about me and started trusting genuine people, the world became a canvas for me.

So Stay focused on yourself and build with a great team full of humble people! Grow with people that will push you to stay closer to God. Salaam.

You can say whatever you want about Kyrie, but the player is always trying to be as cool as possible. He's not interested in being liked by everybody and is happy existing this way. 

Last season, he was involved in some controversies involving the COVID-19 pandemic. As Jayson Tatum said, Kyrie is misunderstood, and that can be counterproductive for him. Still, he's not interested in keeping nobody happy but him. He's staying focused, trying to get that contract extension and championship with the Brooklyn Nets.