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Kyrie Irving Is Reportedly Partying And Celebrating His Sister And Father's Birthdays During Absence With Nets

Kyrie Irving Is Reportedly Partying And Celebrating Sister And Father's Birthdays During Absence With Nets

Kyrie Irving is once again making headlines and this time the Brooklyn Nets star may be raising more eyebrows than he's ever had. Irving has been absent from the Nets for the past three games and he'll probably miss the next two due to "personal reasons."

The point guard hasn't had the best season with his team and everything went wrong when he decided to miss three games last week without any clear reason. Everybody within the Nets has shown their support to Kyrie but nobody has actually revealed what is behind his decision. Well, Irving has seemingly been partying and celebrating in the last couple of days, which could explain why he hasn't been around.

A couple of videos and pictures recently surfaced showing the 2016 NBA champion celebrating and partying with his sister and father, whose birthdays are celebrated precisely today.

Via Clutch Points:

The former NBA champion has missed the last three games for the Nets due to “personal reasons.” The NBA community, however, has responded with a ton of speculations and hearsays. The latest report was that Irving has gone “off the grid” as his timetable to return continues to be a huge mystery.

On Monday, videos (via Billy Reinhardt of SB Nation) surfaced on social media that Irving was in a large gathering with his family. It’s worth noting that Irving’s sister Asia and father Drederick both celebrate their birthday on the 12th of January.

While there’s still no confirmation if the video is recent, it could only further complicate things for Irving and the Nets as he’s still MIA ahead of their home game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. With the way things look, he is set to skip his fourth consecutive game."

Just when people started to find explanations for Kyrie's absence, with some saying he was protesting for the events that took place in the US Capitol last week, others said he was just taking care of his health given the spike of COVID-19 cases around the league and more. It's unclear when the video was recorded but knowing that his sister and father share the same birthday and it's January 12, with some people in the clips wearing masks, one would think that was recorded not so long ago.

Kyrie and the Nets are yet to talk about this and seeing how they've handled this situation, we'll probably hear a vague response from the team until the player returns and reveals the truth behind this situation. Last reports stated Kyrie was "off the grid" and nobody knew when he was making his return to action.