Kyrie Irving has been absent from the NBA since last week after he decided to miss his first game with the Nets due to “personal reasons”. The point guard didn’t get into detail, leaving everybody wondering what was happening with him. Not even his head coach was 100% sure about Kyrie’s situation and that has taken us to this moment.

He missed three games last week due to these personal reasons and Kyrie is yet to explain what is going on with him. The 28-year-old has been very outspoken in terms of social justice and political matters and this could be a direct response to the riots that took place at the Capitol last week.

Irving’s comeback isn’t defined yet and things aren’t looking that promising after learning that he is in contact with nobody in the organization at this moment. According to Jason Dumars, Kyrie is “off the grid” at this moment, so it’s unclear when he will be coming back to play with the Nets.

“I don’t know. I sent him a message. I just found out. So I just sent him a message in the last half hour and haven’t heard back yet,” Nash said on Irving’s decision last week. “Obviously thinking about him and hope all is well and, yeah, it’s a private matter.”

When he decides to return, he will give everybody the answers they need. In the meantime, we only have to wait for Kyrie to come back and as Nash said, wish he’s ok with whatever he’s dealing with right now.

The Nets lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder, 129-116, on Sunday despite Kevin Durant having a great game and now the team will enter a new week without one of his biggest stars.

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