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Kyrie Irving Foundation Builds Amazing Solar Water Center In Pakistan


As controversial as Kyrie Irving might be, the guy really knows how to make a difference around the world.

As reported today by the Paani Project, Irving's foundation has done some amazing work in Pakistan, providing clean water to over 1000 villagers in the area.

NBA superstar and humanitarian Kyrie Irving built a Paani solar center in Sindh in time for Eid with his K.A.I. Family Foundation. This center is providing OVER 1000 villagers access to clean healthy water, facilitating farming for families and providing light to women and children. If you’re looking for a new team to cheer for - we HIGHLY recommend Mr. Irving and the Brooklyn Nets

Just earlier this week, Irving made headlines for his attack on Nike. Now, he's in the news for being a hero to over a thousand.

This isn't the first time Irving has given back to the community, either. The dude is always pouring his own money and resources to give back to others.

Naturally, fans have really shown their love and appreciation towards Irving and his selflessness, and for good reason.

So, while the Brooklyn Nets were unable to achieve team success this season, Kyrie is doing his own, more important work, out there in the world -- and it deserves t be celebrated.

It will be interesting to see what else he does over the summer and if he and the Nets can finally win big.