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Kyrie Irving's Instagram Stories Might Hint That He Wants To Stay With The Nets

Kyrie Irving Posts A Cryptic Message On Instagram, Fans Immediately React: "Lakers Nation Is Waiting For You"

Kyrie Irving's situation with the Brooklyn Nets is anything but solved right now, as the player doesn't have a big market for his services. Following a tumultuous stint with the Nets, where he was involved in many controversies, Kyrie is reportedly on his way out of the team, with the Los Angeles Lakers as the biggest candidates to acquire his services. 

However, this is not a done deal, as the Lakers haven't offered a compelling package to the Nets, making things hard for everybody. Meanwhile, the Brooklynites are reportedly ready to keep Irving and Kevin Durant on the roster even until opening night, meaning that they don't have many options to deal their two controversial stars. 

Other reports suggest that Irving doesn't want to leave the Nets and is ready to stay with the team even if Kevin Durant gets traded. 

A source close to the team confirmed that they’ve been in contact with Durant since his trade demand stunned the NBA. Another source close to Irving told The Post that the All-Star point guard not only never asked for a trade, but has had every intention of playing for Brooklyn — with or without Durant.

These rumors get stronger when we see what Kyrie has been posting on social media recently. The 2016 NBA champion has been very active on Instagram, sharing a series of posts. Yet, there are two of them that could be seen as something normal, but could explain what Kyrie wants to do next in his career. 

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The talented guard posted two pictures of two fans wearing Nets jerseys, which could be a big hint that he wants to stay with the team past this season. Of course, this is all speculation, but it seems like Kyrie isn't as mad at the Nets as people think and will try everything to stay in the Barclays Center this coming season.