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LaMelo Ball Is Reportedly 'Not Performing Well' In Interviews

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

With the 2020 Draft approaching, many wonder where the 19-year-old LaMelo Ball will land. While has displayed a lot of potential on the basketball court, concerns have risen about his personality and maturity level at this stage of his young career.

Apparently, according to The Observer's Rick Bonnell, that perception has not been improved in light of several interviews conducted by teams around the association.

"LaMelo Ball is not performing very well at job interviews. I’ve heard that from multiple sources. He is not improving his perception via job interview."

Bonnell did not disclose any more details on the interviews, only suggesting that his reputation in the NBA was taking a nosedive.

Ball hasn't publicly said much of anything to indicate he could be a problem in the locker room, but his path to the NBA has not been a typical one. After problems erupted with the head coach in Chino Hills High School, Ball dropped out completely and then joined the Australian NBL for a season. The Ball family eventually bought the team Melo was playing for, the Illawarra Hawks

He won rookie of the year in his first and only season, averaging 17 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game on 37% shooting.

Clearly, though, his play on the court isn't the only thing that is drawing attention.