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LaMelo Ball Says He Is The Best Passer In The League, Puts Himself Over LeBron James And Nikola Jokic

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LaMelo Ball has had a successful rookie season winning the Rookie of the Year award and showing off his playmaking skills. Ball certainly has a lot of potential as a lead guard, and he has no lack of confidence in his skills either.

In a recent video with GQ Sports where he went undercover on social media, LaMelo Ball responded to a Reddit post asking people to rank the best passers in the NBA. LaMelo Ball picked himself, putting himself over players like Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, and Trae Young, all of whom are also known for their elite passing skills. While obviously a lot of people won't agree with Ball's ranking, it is good to see him have this belief in himself. (2:37)

The first one seems right. LaMelo Ball... ooh, passing? Oh, that's the Joker? Yeah, he could pass. I'll probably put him next. LeBron and then CP, Trae. Nah, Nah, gotta throw Simmons somewhere up in there. I ain't gonna lie, I don't know. I got a top three though. I got the top one. Me. 24.

While it may be premature to crown LaMelo Ball the best passer in the NBA, he certainly has a lot of potential in that department. His vision is among the elite, and he thrives in transition situations. We've also seen him throw some mind-boggling passes that made highlight reels plenty of times. Hopefully, some of those flashes can become more consistent next season.

The Charlotte Hornets have added Kelly Oubre Jr. and re-signed Terry Rozier this offseason, and the Charlotte Hornets have an overall solid squad. While they may not necessarily get far in the playoffs, it is quite possible that they will be a team that does make the playoffs. However, LaMelo Ball has stated that his goal for next season is to win a championship, so we'll see what ends up happening.