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LeBron James Doesn't Really Care About The Preseason: "I Don’t Really Put Too Much In It, To Be Honest..."

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Preseason is an exciting time for many NBA fans. After months of inactivity on the court, folks get their first glimpse at what the new season will bring, with teams testing out their new rosters for the first time.

It can also be an important time for the players as well, serving as an opportunity for guys to get into a rhythm before the start of real action.

Still, don't expect LeBron James, or most other veteran players, to put much stock into what goes on during this stretch. As James explained in a recent chat with the media, there's really a limit to how much you can learn.

(via LeBron Wire)

“Preseason is…I care more about the practice court than I care about the preseason games,” James said. “You get out there, you play rotations, they’re trying to figure it out and things of that nature, so there’s so much that you can get out of a preseason game, for me, individually. But, I love our practices, I love to see what are we doing and continue to work behind closed doors. So I don’t know, I don’t really put too much in the preseason, to be honest.

It means something as far as like individuals getting their rhythm, getting in game shape. We have our practices, but being out on the floor, bumping against another team and things of that nature, that helps,” James said. “All I’m saying, for me, it’s nothing I’m gonna learn in preseason at this point in my career, nothing at all. I’m not gonna learn anything, nothing. We’re working our habits and building camaraderie and chemistry on the floor, and that’s always good.”

The Lakers are 0-3 in the preseason, with none of their performances worthy of being called inspiring. One has to wonder if James might have sung a different tune if his team was 3-0 during that interview.

Regardless, James seems to prefer practices instead, and for good reason.

“I love the practices more than the preseason games because you could be making mistakes and you figure it out right there. You’re able to stop it and talk about it and things of that nature and go back and rewatch,” James said. “You can do that obviously the next day after the preseason game, but you could do it right on the fly in practices. So I’m more inclined to love those more at this point because there’s nothing on the floor that I’m gonna learn for me individually.”

With a fresh new roster, which includes the addition of Russell Westbrook, it's going to be tricky for the Purple and Gold to get off to a good start.

But with all their experience and talent, the team is capable of anything.