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LeBron James On 1-On-1 Duel With Jae Crowder: 'We Always Try To Make Plays Where We Can Get Our Team And Fans Excited'

Credit: AP 

Credit: AP 

LeBron James and Jae Crowder had another duel on the court in Game 3 of the Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns series. The King was ready to let Crowder have it and he didn't disappoint. 

In a couple of plays, the 4x NBA champion put his rival on a blast, sparking many reactions on social media. He even pulled a reverse layup on Crowder to make the fans and the bench players at the Staples Center go crazy.

These two have a history that lasts from at least five years ago, so whenever LeBron goes at it against Jae, you know he'll try to make something spectacular. After the game was over, with the Lakers getting the 109-95 win over their rivals, Bron was inquired about Crowder, their history and that specific play. 

James just said that he and his teammates are always trying to get good plays to excite the rest of the roster. He wanted to create a 'momentum' for the Lakers and this was his best idea (1:25). 

"For me and for our ballclub, we always try to make plays where we can get each other excited, we can get our fans involved, get our fans excited about it. Because it just brings so much excitement to the game," James said. "Plays can be momentum swings that can work in our favor. So, that was one of those instances where we had an opportunity to make a momentum play and we were able to deliver."

This really worked for the team. They dominated the 4th quarter and beat the Suns, who couldn't find an answer against LeBron and co. The series is now 2-1 in favor of the Lakers. They look like their old version and that's just scary for the rest of the league.