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LeBron James Told Jae Crowder He Stinks, And That Is The Reason Why Jae Pushed Him


The LeBron James-Jae Crowder rivalry has reached new levels in recent days, as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns clash in the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

This series has given us some entertaining games with James and Crowder going at it, reminding people that there's no love between them. Game 3 of the series saw the King bullying Crowder, taunting him every time he had the chance

NBA fans found out that LeBron was doing everything to get under Jae's skin, even telling him he had a bad smell, which sparked something inside the Suns player and made him push Bron in the next play. 

These two have a history together and Bron hasn't forgotten about that. Instead, the 4x NBA champion is doing everything he can to mess with Crowder, even using these tactics. 

The Lakers took the 2-1 lead after Game 3 and they'll try to make it 3-1 this afternoon when they receive the Suns at the Staples Center again. He will try to lead his team to a win that will put them on the verge of making it to the second round. 

Chris Paul's shoulder remains a question that the Suns need to answer if they want to beat the Lakers and keep their chances alive. 

Bron hasn't even activated playoffs mode and he's already messing with his rivals. This man is as dangerous as ever and the Lakers Nation is just happy to see it.