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Lil Wayne Still Believes The Lakers Can Win A Championship This Season: "I Trust LeBron James..."

Lil Wayne Still Believes The Lakers Can Win A Championship This Season: "I Trust LeBron James..."

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't been very good over the past few years. After winning the title in 2020's COVID-riddled season, the Lakers haven't played up to standards and pretty much been an afterthought in the Western Conference.

All around the league, many fans and experts have already given up on the Lakers and what they can be as a squad. The truth is, we've seen this team before, and things didn't exactly turn out well.

Still, despite the struggles, legendary rapper Lil Wayne still believes the Purple and Gold can get the job done.

Lil Wayne Says The Lakers Will Go As Far As LeBron James Takes Them

This week, in an appearance on Undisputed, Wayne spoke candidly about his Lakers and refused to align himself with the doubters and haters who are rooting for them to fail.

“Beyond being a fan I believe we can go all the way,” he said. “I believe the Lakers can go as far as ‘Bron take ’em. And as far as AD’s healthy. I trust ‘Bron, I’m not sure about AD and his health,” he said. “I trust ‘Bron. You got to remember, it's not like Bron and AD were out there. We weighing it from what happened, how Westbrook played, whatever, but he didn't do that while LeBron and AD was out."

Last season was a disaster in Lakeland, and Russell Westbrook was a big part of the reason why. For whatever reason, he just couldn't find his fit with the team and struggled to stay efficient on the floor as a scorer and playmaker.

Needless to say, the Lakers were hoping he'd be gone by now, with Kyrie Irving having taken his place. But with just weeks to go now before training camp, it looks like the star guard is sticking around for a while, and it will be up to him to seize the opportunity and make the most of his situation with Patrick Beverley.

“Patrick Beverley has never had more leverage against Russell Westbrook than he has right now," said Stephen A. Smith on the Westbrook/Beverley backcourt. "Right now, he’s able to say, ‘Yo, bro, y’all lost. Before you had two meaningless games in the regular season, y’all lost eight straight. Y’all lost 18 of your last 22 games before those last two meaningless wins. That’s what you want to be attached to you Russ? Let’s handle this!’ And Russ is gonna listen. I think Russ got a chance to resurrect himself."

Whatever version of Russ shows up this season, the Lakers' success will be entirely in the hands of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In regards to the former, nobody is doubting that he will be among the elites this year -- just like every year. But Davis? If he can't stay healthy, then this Lakers team may be doomed to a less-than-ideal fate.