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Luka Doncic Gets Restrained After Heated Altercation With Suns Fan

Luka Doncic Gets Restrained After Heated Altercation With Suns Fan

The Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns are having a hard-fought first-round series where the Suns had the advantage going into Game 2 after their strong win in the series opener. However, the Suns are still having to deal with Luka Doncic and his incredible scoring in the playoffs.

In Game 2, the Mavs entered the second half with a two-point lead courtesy of an explosive first quarter from Doncic where he scored 24 points with incredible efficiency. The fans of the Suns are realizing the danger Doncic poses and are trying their best to trash-talk Luka to get him uncomfortable.

It seems to be working after a tough third quarter from Luka where one Suns fan may have crossed the line considering Doncic's reaction, where he had to be restrained from approaching a fan angrily.

The Mavericks are trailing the Suns in the fourth quarter 93-103 with 8 minutes left in the quarter. It looks like the Suns may pull off another win in this series and take a dominant 2-0 lead with the series heading to Dallas for Games 3 and 4. Considering how the Mavericks exploded late last game, the Suns will be wary of that being their strength.

Everything that worked for the Mavericks against the Utah Jazz doesn't seem to be working here, as the team cannot keep up with the depth of Phoenix with just Doncic as the man leading them. The off-season may be extremely interesting to see how the Mavs further build on the core that they have on the team right now.

Doncic is short-tempered, his history with technical fouls tell us that story. However, it would be extremely illogical of him to get suspended for a game or two for a serious altercation with a fan who talked trash. Thankfully, he was separated from the fan and the Mavericks can hope they turn this series around in their home games.