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Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Anthony Edwards, And LaMelo Ball Are Currently On Track To Beat Stephen Curry's Three-Point Record

Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Anthony Edwards, And Anthony Edwards Are Currently On Track To Beat Stephen Curry's Three-Point Record

Stephen Curry finally did it. At Madison Square Garden, Curry broke Ray Allen’s longstanding record for most three-pointers made in NBA history. Curry had been trying to break the record for the last few games, and finally passed this hurdle with the eyes of the entire NBA community on him.

Curry broke this record in the presence of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, who were even photographed with Curry before the game. Curry even said that he feels like he is now the greatest shooter of all time. Given how Curry is playing, he will be in the NBA for a long time, and will probably set the record to a seemingly impossible level.

But there are young players in the NBA who are actually on track to break Curry’s record. In fact, they are ahead of Stephen Curry when it comes to three-pointers when we look at the number of games they’ve played. 

One fan on Twitter posted the number of three-pointers some younger players have made and compared them to the number of threes Steph made in the same number of games.

Active NBA Players Outpacing Stephen Curry’s 3PM Record: 

Key: Player 3PM (Curry 3PM in same amount of games), Games Played

Donovan Mitchell: 808 (792) 303 GP

Trae Young: 597 (530) 231 GP

Luka Doncic: 588 (499) 220 GP

LaMelo Ball: 162 (150) 75 GP

Anthony Edwards: 248 (200) 99 GP

Key: Player 3PM (Curry 3PM) GP

Players like Donovan Mitchell, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, LaMelo Ball, and Anthony Edwards have made more three-pointers than Stephen Curry had in the same number of games they have all played up to this point. If they can keep this pace on a consistent basis, any of these players can break this record in the future.

While none of these players have come close to being as good a shooter as Stephen Curry, they are currently ahead of Steph in their career comparisons. This is mostly due to the NBA changing since Steph’s entry into the league. Curry entered the league when the three-pointer was not given much importance.

Whereas, these players entered the NBA by the time Steph’s impact had been felt in the NBA, and the three-point shot had become a major point of emphasis in the league. Only time will tell whether they will be able to match or break Steph’s record. But as things stand, they have a solid chance of eventually surpassing Stephen Curry.