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Michael Beasley Reveals That His Mom Stole Money From Him: "Do I Not Tell Them Or Do I Cut Them Off And Have No Family?"

Michael Beasley

Contrary to what many people thought when he entered the NBA as the No. 2 overall pick in 2008 (behind Derrick Rose), Michael Beasley's career didn't turn out as good as he and those around him expected. The player struggled to establish himself as a star in the association, becoming a journeyman instead of a top player. 

He had to face a lot of challenges along the way and recently opened up on how bad his situation has been ever since he was young. Beasley recently joined former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor on "The Pivot Podcast," where he discussed a variety of topics.

Things got very emotional at some point, as Beasley opened up on his mental struggles and how they were overlooked by everybody. He wondered if he had to be Delonte West to finally get some help, calling out people for being hypocrites with his situation. 

Moreover, Beasley revealed that even the people closest to him took advantage of his fame and money, stealing from him. The former Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers player went on to say that his mom stole money from him, which obviously hurt him a lot (around the 21-minute mark). 

"I don't know no one that ain't stole from me," Beasley said. "Everybody except for my kids stole from me. Every step of the way, I asked for help."

"My own mother stole from me. My financial advisor, my mom, everybody in my family. Do I not tell them or do I cut them off and have no family? Can't explain million-dollar problems to someone who ain't seen $10."

This is really sad to know. Michael had issues to become a big deal in the NBA, and off the court, bad things were happening, too. Beasley explained he's been isolated for a long time, only playing basketball and going home, talking as much as he can with his kid. These statements are really worrisome and we hope he finds the help he needs. It's not too late to help this man and let him know that he matters. Mental health problems are a very serious issue and shouldn't be overlooked.