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Michael Jordan On Criticizing Teammates: "I Didn't Really Care If I Broke Him. If They Did Get Broken Then They Are Not Going To Be Helpful To Us When We Need Them The Most."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Michale Jordan's feats on the court were some of the greatest we've ever seen. But part of what made him so darn good was his relentless ability to hold his teammates accountable.

MJ wasn't afraid of telling his guys the honest truth, even if it broke them at times.

In fact, in an exclusive interview, he admitted that "breaking" his teammates allowed him to see which guys he deemed worthy of playing with.

(per Ball Is Life)

"I didn't really care If I broke him. If they did get broken then they are not going to be helpful to us when we need them the most."

Mike was about as ruthless as they come. He was driven by an insane compulsion to not only be the best but to crush anyone who stood in his way.

Often times, it would alienate him from his competition, the media, the community, and even his own teammates. But he always followed through with success and unprecedented greatness.

He did whatever it took to win, even if he had to push buttons to get there. That was Mamba mentality even before the Mamba, and part of the reason why Jordan was such an enigma.