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Milwaukee Bucks Hilariously Troll Heat Fans After 4-Game Sweep

Milwaukee Bucks Hilariously Troll Heat Fans After 4-Game Sweep

After last season's collapse against Miami, the Bucks were the subject of memes and jokes, as all of NBA Twitter clowned them for dropping the ball.

But this year, the shoe is on the other foot, and the Bucks have gotten their revenge. After completing a 4-game sweep over the Heat in Round 1, the Bucks posted a video trolling all those who picked against them.

The Bucks were probably the league's biggest disappointment last season, suffering a defeat against an inferior Heat team that ended up losing to the Lakers in the Finals.

Questions lingered for months about the Bucks and whether or not they were contenders or pretenders.

The Heat, meanwhile, have been on everyone's radar since, and many had them beating Milwaukee again in this year's matchup.

After all the doubting and scrutiny they faced, the Bucks definitely deserve their chance to answer, and they are clearly not shy in calling people out.

The bigger question for them now is, what's next? As they look towards the second round, and a likely matchup against the Nets, the road only gets harder from here, and they're still a long way from meeting their goal.

It will be interesting to see how far they get.