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NBA Analyst Believes Stephen Curry's Retirement As A Warrior Will Make Fans Shed A Lot Of Tears: "He Is To Me The Most Revered Athlete Ever."

NBA Analyst Believes Stephen Curry's Retirement As A Warriors Will Make Fans Shed A Lot Of Tears: "He Is To Me The Most Revered Athlete Ever."

In the modern era of the NBA, staying with a single franchise is very uncommon. Most players tend to leave the team if they can't win an NBA Championship after giving a few years of their career to them.

While it's understandable that a player simply wants to win an NBA title, there are players who have left their franchise even after winning rings. But among them, the Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry seems to be an outline.

Curry was drafted by the Warriors, and he has donned the franchise's jersey to this date. Over the course of his career, Steph has become a fan favorite as he has led the team to four NBA Championships.

At 34 years of age and coming off a great season where he won the fourth ring of his career, it seems very likely that Curry will forever remain a Warrior and retire with the franchise. Evidently, he will also get his jersey retired by the organization for his contributions.

Stephen Curry's Retirement Will Be Full Of Tears

While Curry is still playing at an elite level, it's a fact that he will retire from the NBA sooner or later. He still has arguably a few more good years left in him, and once he comes out of his prime, he will surely want to retire with the Warriors.

NBA analyst Marc J. Spears perfectly explained what that moment would mean to the Dubs' fanbase. He believes it will be an emotional moment for them, and they won't be able to control their tears.

"I think he's one of them people like Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, that plays an entire career and gets whatever. ... I think when Curry is in his last days, there will be a lot of tears from Warriors fans. He is, to me, the most revered athlete ever. ... I see him finishing his career there. I see him living in the Bay. And I see him impacting Oakland for many decades to come.

Spears compared Curry's time with the Warriors to that of other NBA legends such as Larry Bird or Kobe Bryant, who spent their entire careers with a single NBA franchise.

Now, even as the years have passed since their retirement, they are considered legends of the organization and respected by the fanbase. As Spears said, Steph is certainly walking the same path, and it will be an emotional moment when the 4x NBA champion retires.