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NBA Analyst Believes The Clippers' Success Depends On Kawhi Leonard, But Questions His Fitness: "If He’s Healthy, This Team Is Special. But How Many Games Is It Gonna Be?"

Kawhi Leonard

Speaking of the most hyped teams ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season, the Los Angeles Clippers rank high on this list. After last season's ups and downs, the Clippers will be hoping to make a stunning comeback this season.

Moreover, they are in the perfect position to show the world their full strength. They have signed John Wall, who will serve the role of floor general for the team. Adding to the fact that both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are healthy, it's a piece of great news for the Clippers.

In fact, Paul George even praised Kawhi for looking in mid-season form in a recent hype video for the Clippers' Twitter account. All things considered, the ceiling of the Clippers is looking incredibly high for next season.

But on a serious note, the Clippers are still depending a lot on Kawhi's performance. If the 2x NBA Finals MVP can stay healthy and play at his best, then the Clippers could even be considered a title favorite.

NBA insider Marc J. Spears had some interesting points about this. His biggest question was if he can really stay healthy for the entire season or not.

"There’s a lot of Clippers buzz, a lot of Clippers talk. ... All this Clippers talk starts and ends with Kawhi Leonard and if he’s healthy, this team is special. But how many games is it gonna be? How many games is he gonna rest? I'm curious about Kawhi."

Kawhi has always been a very talented player, and he has won several accolades as well. But his ability to stay healthy has always been his weak point.

The Klaw tends to rest for a lot of games during the regular season. This strategy is probably best for him to be well-rested before the NBA playoffs. But sometimes, this leads to him missing a few more games than required.