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NBA Fan Posts A Video Of Kyrie Irving Before Game 4: "This Is How I Walked To The Job I Hated."

NBA Fan Posts A Video Of Kyrie Irving Before Game 4: "This Is How I Walked To The Job I Hated."

After the Boston Celtics completed the first-round sweep of the Brooklyn Nets, the Brooklynites have been under fire for underperforming this season. What started as a promising campaign for them after their Big 3 was healthy and ready to go turned out to be an overwhelming season where they made headlines due to controversies instead of their big level. 

Kyrie Irving was one of the most criticized players in the league all season long, and now that the Nets are out of competition, the 2016 NBA champion has been the subject of many more jokes from analysts and fans. 

Recently, actor Kevin Fredericks, also known as Kev On Stage, shared an interesting video of Kyrie heading into Barclays Center ahead of Game 4. The point guard looked demotivated, annoyed to be there, and generally didn't show a good image for the cameras. 

Fredericks posted a short but fun message with the video, recalling the times when he had to go to jobs he didn't like a bit. 

"This is how I walked to jobs I hated."

More fans joined the fun and kept making fun of Irving with videos and memes. While some pointed out that he was fasting due to Ramadan, others criticized that, stating that it certainly can affect the player's performance on the court. 

In the end, the Nets couldn't win a single game against the Celtics, which led many fans to go off on Irving. He's been exposed for his bad performances, and even though he sent a message following the end of the season for the Nets, nobody is happy with Ky. 

He could ask for a 5-year, $248 million contract soon, but seeing all the issues he was involved in this campaign, the Nets might be wary of offering that type of money to Kyrie.