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NBA Fans That Argue Dwight Howard Should Have Been Selected Over Anthony Davis On NBA 75 List

NBA Fans Argue Dwight Howard Should Have Been Selected Over Anthony Davis On NBA 75 List

Dwight Howard and Anthony starred in a very controversial moment during the Lakers 115-105 defeat against the Phoenix Suns. Friday night saw these players going at it on the bench. 

This incident earned them a lot of criticism, as even Magic Johnson had something to say about it. The point guard wasn't happy with the two stars, expressing his frustration with this unfortunate moment. 

Dwight made it clear he had settled things with Davis, confirming they were cool, and nothing changed. These two players are often pitted against each other, given their dominance during their primes. 

AD is just entering it, while Howard had it during the late 2000s and early 2010s. Superman was really dominant at the paint, taking the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals thanks to that. 

Now he's playing a different role on the Lakers, but Prime Dwight was a bad man. The Fadeaway World Instagram account recently asked fans which player deserved to be selected on the NBA 75 players of all-time list. 

More fans argued that Howard deserved the spot, with Davis receiving support, but not as much as his teammate. 

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As you can see, that dominant run of Howard still resonates with the fans. They have big memories from those moments when the former Orlando Magic player was a superstar in the league. 

His career could have been a lot better, but the player never continued his progression. Now he's a veteran in a team full of veterans, trying to help the purple and gold win the championship for the second time in three years. 

The season hasn't started the best way for them but the Lakers are confident they can turn things around. Well, if they stay controversy-free, their chances will increase.