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NBA Fans Call Out LeBron James After His Latest Instagram Post: "Incredibly Irresponsible, Misinformed, And Inadvisable Post From LeBron."

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected everyone in the world, and that also applies to the NBA world. There have been outbreaks across the entire league, and plenty of players have been sidelined under the NBA's health and safety protocols that currently prevent them from suiting up for their teams.

LeBron James has recently expressed his thoughts on the virus, posting an Instagram meme comparing COVID-19 to the flu and the common cold. Some fans have already criticized him for doing so, as all three are entirely separate ailments.

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LeBron James has definitely caught a lot of heat from fans for this Tweet. However, one interpretation of this Tweet could mean that the symptoms of all three illnesses are relatively similar and that one doesn't know which of those it is until they take a COVID-19 test. It's clear that LeBron James has gotten a lot of reactions from fans to his Instagram post, especially due to his status as one of the most prominent athletes in the league.

It must be noted that LeBron James has already taken some precautions to combat COVID-19, as he previously revealed that he and his family are vaccinated for the virus. There has been a general push from the league to get every player vaccinated for the virus to try and curb the spread and effect on players as much as possible. The league is clearly trying to be cautious regarding this issue, but there have already been postponed games due to teams not having enough players to suit up.

We'll see what happens in the future with this situation. LeBron James has not been afraid to voice his opinions in the past, and this seems to be another one of those things. Hopefully, we get some clarification from LeBron James on his post in the future.