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LeBron James Posts The Spider-Man Meme On Instagram Comparing COVID-19 To Common Flu

LeBron James Posts The Spider-Man Meme On Instagram Comparing COVID-19 To Common Flu

LeBron James isn't shy to share his views on any topic. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has expressed his opinion on many things recently, and the current global pandemic hasn't been the exception. 

The King has always been active on social media, sharing cryptic messages, reacting to his own marks in the NBA, and more. More recently, the four-time NBA champion shared the famous Spider-Man meme where two or more Spider-Men point at each other, which is often used to compare similar things. 

Well, Bron used this masterpiece to compare the COVID-19 to the flu and cold. We're in December and it's normal to see people getting sick with regular flu or cold, and James took advantage of that, even asking his followers to help him. 

"🤷🏾‍♂️ Help me out folks." Bron captioned the picture with. 

Of course, this drew a lot of reactions from fellow players and famous people questioning the same thing as Bron. It is a fun post, but it surely has a deeper background than many people think. 

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The NBA has been hit with a COVID-19 spike recently, forcing several players to miss recent games and teams to sign emergency replacements. The Lakers haven't been the exception, but they were playing badly even before some players entered the league's health and safety protocol. 

LeBron has reflected on this, saying they lack chemistry due to the short time they've spent together on the court. Still, not everybody thinks that way, and Kendrick Perkins called him out for those remarks

It's time for James and the Lakers to wake up and show they are legit contenders. Otherwise, they will be included in this meme alongside the 2012/13 Lakers and 1998/99 Houston Rockets, two of the worst superteams of all time.