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NBA Fans Exploded After Kendrick Perkins Chose His Top 75 NBA Players Of All Time: "I'm Triggered At The Ridiculousness Of Your List"

NBA Fans Exploded After Kendrick Perkins Chose His Top 75 NBA Players Of All Time: "I'm Triggered At The Ridiculousness Of Your List"

Credit: Getty/NBAE/Michael J. LeBrecht II

Kendrick Perkins has been known for his controversial comments since retiring from the NBA. Today, on his Twitter account, the former league champion with the Boston Celtics decided to pick his top 75 players of all time and unleashed an outpouring of responses from fans. 

The former player placed LeBron James at the top spot of the list and left Michael Jordan as his number two. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar completed the podium in third place. 

After fans learned about this list, the backlash didn't take long to arrive. Perk did a lot to piss the NBA community. They had something to say about everybody on this unofficial ranking. 

The choice of Stephen Curry over Hakeem Olajuwon was one of the most contested decisions, especially because both managed to turn franchises with little success into winning squads. 

The Golden State Warriors star completely changed the organization and the former Houston Rockets center managed to win two rings when Michael Jordan decided to retire for the first time. 

The same concerning the choice of Kobe Bryant over Tim Duncan, since both were two players who marked an era, being faithful to their franchises from the first to the last day in the NBA both in Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs. 

In addition, when it comes to championships, both of them won five rings and the differences between them are ephemeral and too small, with the detail that both competed at the same time in the league. 

This is not the first time Perkins has expressed himself in this way on Twitter and last year he posted what he considers to be the NBA's all-time best five. The former Boston Celtics player took to social media to go along with LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, and Shaquille O'Neal.

He also doesn't communicate only via Twitter and on ScalAndPals explained the current state of the league and discussed how many of the NBA's younger players are being coddled instead of being told to address their specific problems.

According to Perkins, the era of the real NBA died with Michael Jordan and the guys who played during that era.

"It was a little soft when I played, too. Before I played, that was the real NBA, and I'm sure the guys who played before me would say that's the real NBA. But before I came along, with Mike playing against Detroit and the Bad Boys, that was the real NBA. I played in the soft era, too. And then, of course, with my dominance, everybody crying about the rules, that made it more so. But now it's very soft."

It is clear that everyone has their own opinions and Perkins' thoughts, even if they are controversial, must be respected.