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NBA Fans Love Iconic Photo Of Michael Jordan And Muhammad Ali: "Too Much Greatness In One Pic."

NBA Fans Love Iconic Photo Of Michael Jordan And Muhammad Ali: "Too Much Greatness In One Pic."

There are levels to greatness in every sport, with a hierarchy of tiers for where each athlete stands. There are legendary figures who have been among the best at whatever they do, but only one athlete can stand at the very top as the undisputed GOAT. Debates around these things always rage, but some have transcended those debates to establish their legacy. 

Names like Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky come to mind, and in their company, of course, are Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan, who even his rivals consider to be the GOAT. Jordan and Ali both defined a generation of sports and helped change those sports in their entirety. And as such, when the great Ali was still with us, he was pictured with the other icons, including MJ himself. 

There are very few things fans of sports love seeing more than legendary pictures of the greats pictured together, and after this photo went viral again, many were in awe at the greatness of the two men in the picture. 

"Too much greatness for one pic."

"The two greatest athletes of all time."

"Two GOATs."

"Two of the greatest in the world."

"These men have made so much history."

"That picture says a thousand words but one is greatness to describe these extremely gifted human beings!!!!"

"I want to frame this picture."

"This is so amazing that they were hanging out together back in the day."

"The world was a better place back then."

"Two of the biggest kings in modern history."

"Both these men are way too inspiring."

The level of greatness that Jordan and Ali reached is the level different athletes aspire to in their sports throughout their careers. They inspired millions of people around the world and their names will not be forgotten for a long time to come. That's what makes having them both in the same picture all the more iconic.