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NBA Fans React To Lakers Losing To The Thunder: "Are You Not Embarassed?"

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Anthony Davis Is Not Happy With How The Lakers' Level Right Now: “We’re Not Going To Win A Championship With The Way We’re Playing."

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are widely viewed as a team that will be tanking this season. While they were without the services of LeBron James, it's certainly not great when a team led by Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis loses to a team that's projected to be in the lottery. 

This is an especially disappointing loss because, at one point, the Los Angeles Lakers were leading by 26 points. Russell Westbrook also got ejected towards the end of the game, and this is certainly not how this game was supposed to go.

Lots of fans were ready to roast the Los Angeles Lakers, especially since they were viewed as contenders going into the season. Thus far, they have started 2-3, and that is far from the start that many Lakers fans envisioned when the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook.

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It remains to be seen how well the Los Angeles Lakers will do for the rest of the season, and Lakers fans will hope that the team starts winning more. It is still fairly early in the season, and it is well-known that sometimes, teams with multiple high-usage stars take time to gel. Perhaps we'll see that happen for the Los Angeles Lakers.

It's still a little too early to panic, though the alarm bells have clearly been sounded by many analysts and fans. Hopefully, things improve when LeBron James returns. On paper, the Los Angeles Lakers are an obvious contender, simply due to the amount of talent on the roster. 

When asked about their struggles previously, LeBron James categorized building a championship team as "a process" and stated that they "have no choice but to get better". Maybe we'll see that process bear fruit later in the season, but as of right now there's still a long way to go.