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LeBron James Speaks Out On Lakers' Slow Start: "We Have No Choice But To Get Better."

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LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't managed to get their first win of the season yet, losing to both the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. There's no question that some fans have already started panicking, even though it's early in the regular season.

LeBron James has recently commented on the Lakers' not starting off well, and stated that "there's a process" towards becoming a championship team while adding that "it doesn't happen overnight". We've seen plenty of examples of teams improving over the course of the season and going on a run.  It is quite conceivable that it could happen to a team like the Los Angeles Lakers, who have a very good roster. Sam Leweck of Lakers Daily relayed James' words.

There’s a process along with building something to become the team you want to become, and I know it firsthand. It doesn’t happen overnight, as much as you want it. It just takes time, and we’ll know when that time is. Right now, we’ve got to continue to just push.

“We’ll get better with it, We have no choice but to get better.

It remains to be seen if Los Angeles does in fact improve, but the presence of an experienced leader like LeBron James will certainly be helpful. Hopefully, we see the team find better chemistry with one another and have better performances in the near future.

Russell Westbrook will take some time to integrate into the team, as he has a very unique, ball-dominant style. However, when he is fully used to the Los Angeles Lakers system, the team will look extremely dangerous. Frank Vogel has stated that he wants Westbrook to be aggressive, so hopefully, we'll see an iconic Westbrook performance soon.

Perhaps, the Los Angeles Lakers will find a way to make everything work, and it will definitely be "a process" like LeBron James has described. However, LeBron James has delivered when doubted in the past, and he will be crucial to the Lakers' turnaround.