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NBA Fans React To The Best Available Free Agents Right Now: "Miles Bridges Is Everything But Free"

NBA Fans React To The Best Available Free Agents Right Now: "Miles Bridges Is Everything But Free"

The free agency period began over a month ago, and while the big names were signed up fairly quickly, there is still a lot of talent out there that is unsigned. A big part of it is the whole Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving situation, and one of those free agents in Langston Galloway had previously stated that a lot of them would be signed up once the situation is resolved.

The problem is that the situation doesn't seem anywhere close to being resolved even now, which means there is a lot of talent out there for teams to snap up. Sideline Sources recently put out a list of all the free agents in the market, and NBA fans were surprised at some of the players who are still looking for teams.

"Miles Bridges is everything but free"

"Ain’t nothing free about miles 🤣"

"yah miles bridge is restricted alright😂"

"Philly could use Schroder I feel like it’s been long overdue"

"This amount of unsigned talent. The NBA needs a teams in Seattle and Vegas"

"Harrell, Aldridge and Kemba are surprising"

"Shows how difficult it is to be on a roster. Opportunity plays a huge role. It ain’t enough to be extremely skilled. Gotta be fortunate enough to also land in a place with the right opportunity"

"Cousins should go to Boston"

"Schroeder really went from declining a 4 year 80m to this damn"

"There is legit atleast one solid roster In this whole list, wild"

"Armoni Brooks should be on a roster"

"How tf are guys like Carmelo Anthony, Avery Bradley or Wayne Ellington free agents when every team is dying to get shooters?"

"Lakers haven't picked up Aldridge WTF he's old but he still good for a roster"

"If I'm the Lakers I'd pick up/ Kemba/Kris Dunn, Avery Bradley/ Melo and markieff Morris and Lamarcus Aldridge/Whiteside/DeMarcus cousins"

"Sexton to Miami would be nice lowkey"

"To be honest, a lot of older or uncommitted dudes. Avery Bradley is the only guy I like"

"All them centers @brooklynnets what we doing!!!!!"

"Jeremy Lamb would be a nice fit for the Lakers, Montrezz should stay in Charlotte, Schroeder would be nice in Miami"

"Kemba shudd go to the Bucks and be a backup PG🔥🔥🔥"

"Can we please reunite @louwillville & @lakers?"

It sure was a weird move to include Miles Bridges there, as he isn't going to be playing in the league anytime soon, and fans had some fun at his expense there. His former teammate Montrezl Harrell, meanwhile, was facing drug trafficking charges which explain why teams had backed off from signing him.

As for the rest of them, you would think some team would sign up Carmelo Anthony, and the Warriors, as well as the Nets, have been touted as potential suitors. Collin Sexton isn't in high demand in the league as of this moment as he comes off an injury and he looks set to return to Cleveland. Dennis Schroder, meanwhile, famously rejected that big deal from the Lakers back in 2021, and it looks like he wants to come back, although it doesn't seem like the team is interested. It will be fascinating to see where these guys end up as the offseason rolls on.