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NBA Fans Think Michael Jordan Is Better Than LeBron James In Every Category

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

When it comes to the GOAT conversation, no two players are argued more than LeBron James sand Michael Jordan.

Though "The Last Dance" has convinced many that Mike is the true GOAT, there are many who still hold to the view that King James is the best basketball player ever.

But in a recent 600-person fan poll conducted by ESPN, Jordan surpasses LeBron in literally everything both on and off the court.

Better sneaker for fashion: 79 percent to 21 percent

Better sneaker to ball in: 77 percent to 23 percent

Pick for game-winning shot: 76 percent to 24 percent

Come through in the clutch: 74 percent to 26 percent

Spectacular to watch play: 74 percent to 26 percent

Better player overall: 73 percent to 27 percent

NBA was better all-around: 71 percent to 29 percent

Win one-on-one to 21: 67 percent to 33 percent

Top pick to start a team: 66 percent to 34 percent

Better offensive player: 65 percent to 35 percent

Better "look": 65 percent to 35 percent

Have a drink with: 65 percent to 35 percent

Choose as a teammate: 63 percent to 37 percent

Positive impact off-court: 62 percent to 38 percent

Better defensive player: 59 percent to 41 percent

Better passer: 59 percent to 41 percent

Trust to pass you the ball: 57 percent to 43 percent

Not only did James not win in any category, but he also didn't come close. Why are the results so lopsided?

Part of the reason is no doubt because of "The Last Dance." Many of the fans who watched developed a newfound respect for Jordan and his theatrics through the 90s. They also didn't poll anyone under the age of 18, so a lot of today's biggest LeBron supporters didn't get the chance to give their input.

Nonetheless, it seems Jordan is the King -- at least, for now. Only time will tell if LeBron can catch up.