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NBA Referee Talks About Michel Jordan's "Final Shot" Over Bryon Russell

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

There were a lot of shining moments of Michael Jordan's career. From his first title wins to his "flu game," Jordan knew how to light up a highlight reel.

But perhaps his greatest moment came at the end (the literal end) of his storied career. Dubbed "the shot," Jordan hit a game-sealing jumper in the closing seconds of Game 6 of the 1998 Finals. There is a lot of controversy over the moment, with many people of the belief that Jordan should have been called for an offensive foul on that play.

But in a chat with The Athletic's Michael Lee, veteran NBA referee Danny Crawford gave his take on that infamous shot.

While Crawford didn't necessarily confirm it was a legal move, he admitted that the call could've gone either way. Obviously, it would've been huge for that shot to have been called a foul on Jordan. It might have impacted how it all ended.

Reality, though, decided to weave a different story -- and who are we to argue about it?