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Patrick Beverley Picks Mavericks Over Suns To Win Game 7 Because Of Luka Doncic: "I Just Faced Him Last Year. Boy Was Cooking Me. I Gotta Go With Luka. Got To."

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Devin Booker and Luka Doncic

The Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks will be facing off in a Game 7 on Sunday, and there's no doubt that many fans are ready for a Game 7 between the two franchises. The matchup will feature top-tier stars like Luka Doncic and Devin Booker.

Many have made their predictions on who will end up winning this game. The Phoenix Suns have the better overall team, but the Dallas Mavericks have the best player in the series in Luka Doncic.

Patrick Beverley has recently picked the Mavericks to win the game and thus the series, saying that he faced Luka Doncic last season and thus had to pick him, while adding that Luka Doncic has already "played in a Game 7".

"I just faced him last year. Boy was cooking me. I gotta go with Luka. Got to. He's played in Game 7. Besides CP, I don't think anyone on the (Suns) roster has played in a Game 7.

It is easy to see why Patrick Beverley went with Luka Doncic. Generally, the best players win their Game 7s, and Luka Doncic is definitely a player that shows up on the biggest stage. Nick Wright has recently expressed his opinion about Luka Doncic being the best player in the series, claiming that the's better than Chris Paul and Devin Booker combined:

"It's not just that the Mavs have the best player in the series, the Mavs' best player is better than the Suns' best two players combined," Wright said. "And you know, I am feeling good this morning. Nothing better than having a nice familiar thing. My actual son tweeting about my large adult Slovenian son [Luka Doncic]. Well, get that, 33, 11, 8 and 4. More points, more rebounds, more assists, more steals, for all you defense fetishizers out there, and a clear 12 fewer turnovers. Do you feel that? It's the vise tightening on Devin Booker and Chris Paul. Chris Paul, four times in his career has 2-0 leads, that's the most in NBA history. Could we have a fifth? And Devin Booker had the audacity, the unmitigated gall to mock a clearly superior player... A lot of pressure on the Suns for Game 7."

Regardless of who wins, there's no doubt that the game will be entertaining. Both of these teams are heavyweights in the Western Conference, and Game 7 will probably bring the best level of play out of both of them.

It remains to be seen if Luka Doncic is actually able to lead the Dallas Mavericks to an upset of the Phoenix Suns. He definitely has the talent to do so, and we'll see if any of his teammates can step up to the plate and help him offensively.