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Patty Mills On Being Teammates With LaMarcus Aldridge Once Again: "I Can't Get Rid Of The Guy."

patty mills aldridge

The modern NBA features a lot of player movement, and it seems as though it is rare for a pair of teammates to stay together for a very long time like in the past. However, there are definitely times where players having more freedom to switch teams has allowed them to reunite with former teammates on another team.

Last season, James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and reunited with his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, Kevin Durant. This year, there has been another teammate reunion in Brooklyn. The Nets acquired Patty Mills in free agency, while also getting his former teammate LaMarcus Aldridge on the squad after he unretired.

Mills and Aldridge are well accustomed to one another, as they have been together on multiple franchises. They spent two seasons together with the Portland Trail Blazers when Mills was first starting his career. Mills ended up on the Spurs after his first two seasons and has spent the majority of his career there. Mills was once again reunited with Aldridge when the San Antonio Spurs signed him in 2015. Now, they have both signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

When asked about LaMarcus Aldridge and him teaming up once again, Patty Mills jokingly stated that he "can't get rid of the guy". It definitely seems as though they've spent a solid portion of their careers playing together.

Both players will be key to the Brooklyn Nets this season, as both are experienced players with many playoff appearances under their belt. James Harden was excited to have a veteran team where everyone knows their role, and both Mills and Aldridge are players who can thrive with fewer touches. Patty Mills also happens to have championship experience, which is definitely useful for the team.

It remains to be seen how the Brooklyn Nets will fare, but it's hard to see them not being a top-tier team. LaMarcus Aldridge and Patty Mills will hope to contribute to winning a championship, and it's easy to see how they will be useful as depth options to the team.