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James Harden Is Excited About Having A Veteran Nets Team: "I Think Everybody Knows Their Role."

Blake Griffin and James Harden

Every contending team generally has a decent number of experienced veterans on the roster. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule. However, in a lot of ways, having veterans who know how to play with high usage superstars is important for any team with championship aspirations.

Nets superstar James Harden has recently expressed his excitement at the Brooklyn Nets' veteran roster. Harden mentioned that the game will be easier for him, because "everyone knows their role". 

It makes it easier for me because I think everybody knows their role. They know what they bring and what they're great at every single night. So their job is just to go out and do it, and my job is to make it easier on them.

Making sure they're in their spots, and making sure that we're creating disadvantages... to where we get open shots. It makes the game a lot easier, so no-one really has to force anything. The ball is moving, everybody's eating.

Then defensively, making sure our communication, we're on the same page. We got a lot of guys who aren't very vocal, very quiet and to themselves. We kinda gotta get that out of them, to where they're just overtalking... just building those habits, to where in a game, when the regular season comes, it's natural for us.

The Brooklyn Nets had a solid season, acquiring seasoned players such as Patty Mills and Paul Millsap in free agency. They also re-signed Blake Griffin, who was key to their roster defensively. Their roster in general has many playoffs runs under their belt, so all of them know how to sacrifice in order to win.

James Harden has definitely been known for elevating some subpar rosters in the past with the Rockets, getting plenty of open shots for his teammates with his playmaking. Now, he's on a superteam with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. James Harden once stated that it was "draining" to consistently score 40 points a night for the Rockets. That is no longer the case, and even beyond their superstars, the Nets have a lot of depth on the squad. James Harden clearly values having veterans who know how to contribute, and it seems as though he's ready to play his part in making this roster the best version of themselves.