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'Plug That Durant And Westbrook Duo Into Today's NBA, And They Bring A Championship Home,' Says Colin Cowherd

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were expected to do big things together. The duo had reached the NBA Finals in 2012 along with a young James Harden but the LeBron James-led Miami Heat dismantled their plans to become NBA champions. After that season, Harden left, with KD and Russ leading the team for the next four years.

They did great things together and were close to reaching the Finals once again until the Golden State Warriors returned from a 3-1 deficit in the 2016 WCF. Following that season, KD joined the Warriors in one of the most controversial moves the NBA has seen in recent years. Westbrook stayed in OKC and even though he had other stars as teammates, he never was able to replicate the things he did with KD on the team.

A lot of people believe OKC's moment was really close but Durant was tired of waiting a took a different path. Sports analyst Colin Cowherd is one of those who believe Brodie and Durantula could capture an NBA title, especially in this era.

The Warriors won two titles in three Finals trips with Durant but that could have been different if the 2014 MVP remained with his first team.

Cowherd recently said that the duo of Durant and Westbrook would have a championship if they were still together.

"Plug that Durant and Westbrook duo into today's NBA, and they bring a championship home," Cowherd is quoted as saying by Net Dimes.

The truth is that it looked like their time was coming. 2016 was really close for them but 2017 KD was on another level. He became the best player in the league with the Dubs and besides the Warriors, only Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs could stop that team from reaching the Finals.

That is what people around the league believe. They had something great in hands but things weren't exactly like the team wanted. Now KD is a 2x NBA champion trying to win his third ring with the Brooklyn Nets while Westbrook is still looking for that first championship, now reunited with James Harden in Houston.