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Rasheed Wallace Reveals Where His Iconic Line Ball Don't Lie Came From

Rasheed Wallace Reveals Where Did His Iconic Line Ball Don't Lie Came From

Rasheed Wallace was one of the biggest fan favorite players in the 2000s. Playing for the Detroit Pistons, Wallace was one of the best all-round players in the league. Not only was he capable of scoring the ball with ease, he was as adept at defending the ball as well. 

Be it locking down big men or small forwards, 'Sheed' was a menace on the defense and was easily one of the pivotal players in the Pistons lineup. Wallace certainly was one of the best players in their championship glory days as he led the team to a convincing 4-1 victory against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals.

Wallace Reveals The Origin Behind His Iconic Line Ball Don't Lie

While Wallace was known for his tenacity, he was also known for his peculiar relationship with NBA referees. Often on the receiving end of calls and fouls, one might say Wallace wasn't too pleased with each and every decision that was given against him.

Be it constantly arguing with the ref or else, it was the 4-time All-Star who was often the loudest person in any arena. Wallace had an iconic line when an opponent missed free throws received because of Sheed's fouls, the iconic, 'Ball don't lie. 

In a recent video, the 2004 champion revealed the story behind the phrase, 'Ball don't lie'.

"It comes from the city of Philly. You know just s**t talking in the street."

While Wallace's plays were great, his 'Ball don't lie' moments were insane as well. Be it him getting ejected due to yelling the phrase multiple times in a game or else, this phrase became one of the most iconic phrases in the league and the one which epitomized Rasheed Wallace.