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Rick Barry Gets Brutally Honest About How Players Are Taking Advantage Of Loose Refereeing Nowadays: “They’re Getting Away With Murder.”

Rick Barry Gets Brutally Honest About How Players Are Taking Advantage Of Loose Referring Nowadays: “They’re Getting Away With Murder.”

If the modern-day NBA was to be compared to the old days, arguably the most striking difference between the two times is how the game is officiated nowadays. Many believe that the referees have become a tad bit too lenient, this helps players take advantage.

On the other hand, there are several who believe that sometimes the refs make unjustified calls, which ruins the fun of the game. NBA legend Rick Barry is someone who believes the former statement, and he made that abundantly clear in a recent interview.

Barry berated the loose officiating nowadays, allowing players to get away with carry or travel calls. He even compared it to the players 'getting away with murder.'

"I blame the officials. Call the damn game accordingly. Stop the traveling, stop the carrying of the ball, stop the moving screens. Call the damn game according to the rulebook because players will adjust. If you’re going to allow them to get away with it, well of course, they’ll keep doing it. Call the game according to the rulebook. I’m sorry, it is. It’s an incredible game, the athletes are incredible, what they can do is incredible. But they’re getting away with murder."

(starts at 4:35)

Barry went all out in criticizing the way that the game is being officiated nowadays. He urged the refs to call the game according to the rule book and to stop letting players get away with calls that should be called.

Although he finished his points by appreciating the talent of the modern players, he still believes they are getting away with several calls. With so many rule changes taking place each season, it seems like the league is trying to act on the same.

Maybe in the near future, the officiating of the game will change and fans will see a better and improved version of the game.