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Robert Harry Says The 2001 Lakers Would Beat The 2017 Warriors: “We Win… Shaq Would Foul Everybody Out.”

Robert Harry Says The 2001 Lakers Would Beat The 2017 Warriors: “We Win… Shaq Would Foul Everybody Out.”

If there's something NBA fans enjoy, that's hypothetical scenarios. We have seen many of these in recent years, especially when it comes to historic teams that marked an era in the association. Besides arguing about which player is better and who would dominate who in modern NBA, they also like to pit teams against each other. 

Of course, we always wonder how some legendary squads would have fared if they played in today's game, and every fan has something different to say about it. The 2017 Golden State Warriors have been compared to the 1996 Chicago Bulls, but there's another team that draws some comparisons with the Dubs squad that didn't have any issues winning the championship five years ago. 

The 2001 Los Angeles Lakers are also a legendary squad that had no mercy with their opponents, beating the Allen Iverson-led Philadelphia 76ers in the 2001 Finals to get the second of their three consecutive championships. 

Recently, one fan asked one of the members of that mythical team who would win if they clashed. Robert Horry replied to a Twitter user asking which squad would win between the 2001 Lakers and the 2017 Warriors, and the legendary role player didn't hesitate, citing a major reason why his Lakers would have had no problem handling the Dubs. 

"We win... Shaq fouls everyone out," the 7-time NBA champion quote-tweeted in recent hours. 

As Horry states, the Warriors wouldn't have an answer for Shaquille O'Neal, who was incredibly dominant during his prime. Even Draymond Green admitted he wouldn't have anything against Shaq. The Big Diesel was a menace and many players suffered that, seeing him dominate and collect championships in Los Angeles and Miami. 

The Dubs would have a chance with their fast pace, but Shaq could also do that. Besides, having Kobe Bryant by his side was a blessing and the Black Mamba surely would have found a way to dismantle the Warriors and get the W.