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Rudy Gobert Gives An Update On His Condition

Rudy Gobert Gives An Update On His Condition

As the coronavirus continues to rage in the United States, the NBA and the rest of the sports world lie in wait until the day they can resume their activities.

Meanwhile, the first confirmed case of the virus within the NBA community (Rudy Gobert) is still recovering from the illness and the embarrassment of having risked other people's health.

Moments ago, Rudy provided an update on his condition while also urging the public to take this pandemic seriously -- something he famously failed to do in the days leading up to his positive diagnosis.

The impact of coronavirus has stretched far and wide. Around the world, entire countries are on lockdown as the threat of the virus threatens thousands of lives. In the U.S., the belief is that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

For Gobert, he understands the seriousness of the situation and seems genuine about his regret on his handling of it a week ago.

Hopefully, others heed his warning. This pandemic is a threat to us all and we have to work together if we want to stand a chance at combatting it.